Going Beyond the Classroom

Student life in East Legon, Accra is more than sitting in a class. At Webster Ghana, there are many events and activities designed to entertain, inform and challenge. Faculty, staff and students also work together to organize network opportunities from academic conferences and workshops to forums.

Ghana Events and Clubs

Student Affairs

Ghana Events and Clubs

Our Office of Student Affairs will assist you during your transition to campus. While living on campus, we will provide you with comprehensive support in matters related to your resident permit and insurance, while also offering information regarding medical providers and other services. We’re here to meet the needs of our diverse student body and foster the atmosphere of respect, support and cross-cultural understanding on campus and in our student residences.

Club Opportunities

The main activity of football club is meeting up every Saturday to play and have fun in a competitive yet friendly atmosphere. Every once in a while, when we find the opportunity to do so, we participate in a tournament, or organize a game with another club, but the most important tournament we enter is the Webster European Cup.

We pick players for the teams in the tournaments we play based on a combination of how serious they are on Saturday training and of course their ability to play football. Most of all, the football club is more like a family than only a team.

Our men’s basketball club meets once a week in order to play several competitive pick-up games. Players of all levels are welcome; it's a great way to meet new people through sport and to exercise.

The volleyball club meets on Tuesdays from 7 pm to 9pm. We’re always looking for new members of every skill level to come and join us and learn more about the sport. It’s a great way to be active, meet new people and have fun.

Are you musically gifted? Are you searching for the right opportunity to express your artistic talent with other people like you? Our Music Club offers students the opportunity to experience the life of a music artist.

Not only does that involve practicing covers and/or composing original songs, but also rehearsing for performances during events at Webster University, such as our Halloween Party and its annual talent show. In addition to these opportunities, the Music Club has plans to collaborate with other media students for music projects that involve both studio and video recordings.

The Cross Cultural Club aims to spread awareness about different cultures, languages and politics by studying features of these cultures through club events. After finishing a four-week block about one country, the club holds an event that can reflect the most interesting aspects of this culture such as art, music, cinematography, and traditional foods.

Annual Student Events

Week 1 BBQ – The week 1 BBQ takes place the week after orientation in order to give new students and returning students the opportunity to spend time together and create new friendships in a fun-filled environment with good food, music, and activities.

Refugee Simulation - The WHA's annual refugee simulation gives participants insights and experiences that are similar to the challenges that refugees face around the world. Our volunteer 'refugees' spend a week living in a 'camp' on campus, cooking their own food, sourcing their own water and finish the week with a deeper understanding of the daily trials and tribulations for 20 million refugees around the world.

Mid-Semester BBQ at Our Cultural Center

Halloween Party – The Halloween Party is the first party of the year, which follows a Halloween theme and is often accompanied with a costume competition. 

Global Thanksgiving – Global Thanksgiving is the time of year when students prepare traditional dishes from their countries for everyone to enjoy in a multi-cultural atmosphere.


Aids Week – Aids Week is the WHA's annual awareness week consisting of events such as a trivia night, conference, bake sales and games days.

Delegates Agenda - Delegates Agenda is an SGA forum in which students present to the administration the top 5 issues or areas that need improvement at Webster. The administration then choses 3 of those 5 topics to present back to the SGA and improve on.

Football Tournament – The Football tournament is a competition between all European Webster campuses.  


Webster’s Got Talent Europe – Webster Got Talent Europe is the Talent show in which all European Campuses send the winners of their own shows in order to compete for the number one spot.  


Spring Party – The spring party is the second party of the year and tends to follow a spring theme.

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